At 224 Auto Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority and we hope that is why you clicked on the link that brought you to this page.  As a small business, word of mouth is everything to us!  We believe that if our customers are happy then they will tell their friends about us.  The more people who know about us, the more chances we have to earn their respect AND their business. We want to reward you when you spread the word about 224 Auto. We will pay you $150 each time you send us a customer that purchases a vehicle from us!  Wow!  Pretty cool, right?

All we ask you to do is give us a few names of your friends or family members who may be in the market for a new ride in the near future in the space provided below and we will do the rest.  Don't worry, we wont pester them, but with your permission we will call, text or email them to introduce ourselves. If they purchase a vehicle from us, any vehicle, we will pay you $150!  Some of our many happy customers earn hundreds, and even thousands of dollars through our referral program. 

We thank you very much for your continued support and loyalty.  Its people like you that we are talking about when we say: "Come see why your friends and family are ALREADY #224Auto4Life!

Do you want to refer your friends to a specific team member at 224 Auto? Fill out the form below with your info.

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Only one referral will be paid per vehicle sold.  If more than one referrer recommends a customer to us then the first person to have completed this form will be awarded the referral. This form must be used to qualify for the referral and this form must be submitted BEFORE the purchaser contacts 224 Auto on their own.  Referrals are paid via check on or about the 10th and the 25th of the month and after the purchasers deal is paid for in full.

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