At the discretion of management cars five model years and newer with less than 50,000 miles on the odometer at time of purchase qualify for a 2 year OR 24000 mile limited warranty against failure of internally lubricated parts for engine, transmission and drive axle. Select vehicles that are not eligible regardless of mileage including but not limited to are: BMW, Range Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes, Trucks, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi.

Customers will receive FREE OIL CHANGES at Arocha Automotive every 5,000 miles during the warranty period. Additional recommended service and maintenance required by Arocha Automotive must be completed by and at Arocha Automotive.

There is a $100 deductible per occurrence. All regular service and maintenance must be completed a Arocha Automotive and all warranty work must be completed at Arocha Automotive as well. Warranty will be considered void if oil changes are not completed every 5000 miles at Arocha Automotive or if any recommended service at Arocha Automotive is declined by consumer.

All terms of the warranty must be followed by the consumer, including oil changes or the warranty will be considered null and void. Customer is responsible for their own transportation during warranty repair. No other items will be covered outside of internally lubricated parts on the engine, transmission and drive axle. Towing is the responsibility of the consumer and must be paid by the consumer to towing company at time of incident. Any and all items that fall outside of internally lubricated parts on either the engine, transmission or power train are 100% AS/IS.

This warranty will be considered void if the vehicle is used for any and all commercial purposes including but not limited to: pizza delivery, snow plowing, taxi, livery, Uber or any shared ride arrangement. Consumer agrees to keep vehicle registered and state inspected or the warranty will be considered void. Off road use voids warranty. This warranty is not transferable and is valid only when the above registered owner is operating vehicle. Any damage done due to collision voids warranty. Warranty is void if vehicle is operated by an unlicensed driver. This limited warranty is intended to cover major components of your vehicle's powertrain but in no way is complete warranty coverage for your vehicle. 224 Auto strongly recommends that you purchase of additional warranty coverage. We offer quality extended term warranties to our customers that may cover items not included by our 224 Auto Sales 2 year 24,000 mile limited warranty on vehicles that exceed 50,000 miles.

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